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Mantle Universal Data Model 2.2.0

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@jonesde jonesde released this 31 May 19:07
· 27 commits to master since this release

Mantle Universal Data Model 2.2.0 is a minor new feature and bug fix
release. This release is based on Moqui Framework 3.0.0.

This release includes a number of new entities, additional fields for
service and screen level options, and seed data improvements.

  • new entities using UomDimensionType in moqui-framework:
    ProductUomDimension, PartyDimension, MarketSegmentDimension
  • new ProductParameter and related entities to configure parameters
    applicable to products with optional options, generally additional
    information to collect from the customer when the product is purchase,
    including: ProductParameterOption, ProductParameterProduct,
    ProductParameterSet, and ProductParameterValue; parameter values on
    orders with OrderItem.productParameterSetId, uses single ID to represent
    value set for easier future association with shipment items, assets, etc
  • new ProductWorkEffort entity for tasks related to product purchase, and
    OrderItemWorkEffort.forStatusId to track when should be considered done
  • new ShipmentParty and OrderItemParty entities
  • new OrderServiceJobRun entity to track job runs for orders
  • new ProductDbForm and OrderItemFormResponse entities to have forms
    associated with products that are filled out by customer on purchase
  • new PartySystemMessage entity, like other *SystemMessage join entities

DEPRECATION NOTES: ProductDimension (use ProductUomDimension instead)
and ProductDimensionType (use UomDimensionType instead); these will be
removed in a future release, recommend updating code and migrating data
before the next major release (non backward compatible).

For a complete list of changes see: