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@jonesde jonesde released this Dec 7, 2019 · 302 commits to master since this release

Moqui Framework 2.1.3 is a patch level new feature and bug fix release.

There are only minor changes and fixes in this release. For a complete list of changes see:


This is the last release where the moqui-elasticsearch component for embedded ElasticSearch will be supported. It is being replaced by the new ElasticFacade included in this release.

New Features

  • Java 11 now supported with some additional libraries (like javax.activation) included by default; some code changes to address deprecations in the Java 11 API but more needed to resolve all for better future compatibility (in other words expect deprecation warnings when building with Java 11)
  • Built-in ElasticSearch client in the new ElasticFacade that uses pooled HTTP connections with the Moqui RestClient for the ElasticSearch JSON REST API; this is most easily used with Groovy where you can use the inline Map and List syntax to build what becomes the JSON body for search and other requests; after this release it will replace the old moqui-elasticsearch component, now included in the framework because the large ES jar files are no longer required
  • RestClient improvements to support an externally managed RequestFactory to maintain a HttpClient across requests for connection pooling, managing cookies, etc
  • Support for binary render modes for screen with new ScreenWidgetRender interface and screen-facade.screen-output element in the Moqui Conf XML file; this was initially implemented to support an xlsx render mode implemented in the new moqui-poi tool component
  • Screen rendering to XLSX file with one sheet to form-list enabled with the form-list.@show-xlsx-button attribute, the XLS button will only show if the moqui-poi tool component is in place
  • Support for binary rendered screen attachments to emails, and reusable emailScreenAsync transition and EmailScreenSection to easily add a form to screens to send the screen render as an attachment to an outgoing email, rendered in the background
  • WikiServices to upload and delete attachments, and delete wiki pages; improvements to clone wiki page

See the complete release notes at:

The file is a source distribution for the projects in Moqui Ecosystem included on the demo server (the 'demo' component set in addons.xml): moqui-framework, moqui-runtime, moqui-camel, moqui-elasticsearch, moqui-fop, moqui-poi, example, mantle-udm, mantle-usl, SimpleScreens, HiveMind, PopCommerce, and PopRestStore.

The MoquiDemo-2.1.3.war file is a pre-built all-in-one distribution with demo data loaded and tests run. To try it out just drop it into your preferred Servlet container (Tomcat, Jetty, etc; on AWS ElasticBeanstalk, etc). This is the file deployed on the Moqui Demo server ( You can also run it with 'java -jar MoquiDemo-2.1.3.war' but be aware that this will use a temporary directory for database files, etc that will be deleted on exit.

There is a Docker image similar to the WAR file available here:

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