Moqui Runtime 2.1.0

@jonesde jonesde released this Oct 22, 2017 · 179 commits to master since this release

Moqui Runtime 2.1.0 is a minor new feature and bug fix release, in parallel with the release of Moqui Framework.

This release introduces the new 'vuet' render mode for applications that uses a Vue JS based single-page application shell and supports hybrid client/server HTML rendering. The Vue shell (router, etc) is accessible on /vapps while the server rendered HTML is still on /apps. The benefit is a significantly better user experience with existing XML Screens and a foundation for fully client-rendered screens for dynamic in-browser interactivity. Even with hybrid client/server rendering using XML Screens page loads are faster and there is less load on the server, along with better error handling and improved widgets (user interface elements).

See the complete release notes at: