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Moqui Runtime 3.0.0

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@jonesde jonesde released this 31 May 19:04
· 83 commits to master since this release

Release 3.0.0 - 31 May 2022

Moqui Runtime 3.0.0 is a major new feature and bug fix release with some changes that are not backward compatible,
in parallel with the release of Moqui Framework.

In this release there is a new render mode (qvt) and apps screen wrapper (/qapps) that is like vuet and /vapps but uses
the Quasar project, a Vue JS component library based on Google Material Design. The new Vue JS component library in Moqui
(in WebrootVue.qvt.js) takes a big step toward more client rendering and better use of Vue JS components and events,
making it far easier to extend with dynamic behavior (vs the vuet and html render modes).

There are various small improvements to the System and Tools apps, and some new screens like an interactive Groovy Shell
screen and a Table Stats screen that shows the number of records in each entity's table.

This is a brief summary of the changes since the last release, for a complete list see the commit log:


Non Backward Compatible Changes

  • Two transitions were removed from the rest.xml screen (/rest):
    • moquiSessionToken: for security reasons, it opened a vector in a CSRF attack to acquire the session token at any time
    • api_key: there is no good use case, just use cases that are less secure and poorly thought through

New Features

  • MFA support for login and update password in screens and REST API with factors including authc code by email and SMS,
    TOTP code (via authenticator app), backup codes; can set a flag on UserGroup to require second factor for all users in
    the group, and if any user has any additional factor enable then a second factor will be required
  • Saved Find dialog (in form-list) improvements to show options for scheduled screen render, to send regular reports to
    users by email (simple email with CSV or XSLT attachment)
  • Groovy Shell screen added to the Tools app (with special permission), an interactive Groovy Console for testing in
    various environments and for fixing certain production issues
  • Update Swagger UI to 4.1.3 with JS/CSS files loaded from cdnjs instead of locally to avoid having files in the repos
    making it easier to update over time, along with cleaning up an old mess and a few CVE and WS security issues