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A musical, developed as an open source project
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The first open-source musical

Here's the idea. I've written this musical (songs, lyrics, book) -- and the vision is to produce it digitally, with virtual actors playing the parts. I'm not sure I can do this by myself, but I'm going to take it as far as I can. At some point, I will be open to collaborators working with me to shape the final product. The idea is to work this as close to an open source project as possible. All of the content, including the original music (score and recordings), the lyrics, the book (script, speaking parts) -- all will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 unported license.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Creative Commons, please go to the website and check it out. Roughly, CC3 is the generic equivalent of a BSD or MIT style open source software license. It allows anyone to use or modify the work, for commercial or other uses, provided that you attribute the work to the original author.

If I (or other contributors) develop any software along the way, it will be licensed under the BSD License.

So there you have it. Let us begin.


Turns out git, and by extension Github, are not really amenable to keeping track of the large source files we are likely to need to generate (44 khz stereo multitracks, not to mention 3D models, textures, and so on). For now, I will use Github to keep track of the text files developed for the project, such as the script, possibly a score, and perhaps use the 'downloads' section for compressed audio files of music demos, mixes, and possibly vocal readings.

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