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Centrální portál knihoven / Central library portal


This software is a source code for the portal - discovery portal of Czech libraries, developed by the Moravian Library in Brno. It is based on VuFind open source discovery environment. To learn more about the portal, visit To learn more about VuFind, visit

How to run / install ?

  1. First you'll need to have the docker installed (Click on the Docker CE on the left & pick your OS).
  2. Second, your user has to be in the docker group, unless you plan to run all docker related commands in privileged mode.

Once you've obtained docker, get docker-compose (using pip is probably the easiest method):

pip install docker-compose

Then you'll need to get sources:

git clone

Make some setup:

# Add the hostname to your /etc/hosts
echo "" | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts


# Go and configure your environment for containers
cp docker/local.env.example docker/local.env
vim docker/local.env

# Go and configure your application
cp local/ local/
vim local/

Build docker images and run application:


Build docker images and push them to a private registry:

bin/ --no-run --private-registry

Visit in your browser

For more options for building and running the appication see:

bin/ -h