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gsoc logo This page collects the topics for Google Summer of Code, and provides brief information about them.

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Topic 1

Migrating the existing web application from Smarty (PHP) to GWT or Vaadin

  • required skills:

Java, Maven, Vaadin, Git, (PHP)

  • description:

Firstly, the student is going to elaborate the design of the GUI, preserving all the existing functionality. Subsequently, according to design the implementation phase can begin. Student should use Java platform including RIA framework Vaadin. Part of the project is also the providing a way to invoke the existing tools written in C/C++ using JNI or Java Runtime, or, if possible, rewrite these tools to Java. At the end, the documentation should be also provided. We prefer the form of wiki-based documentation. If you are interested in this topic contact me directly and send also a link to your existing project / work.

  • mentor:

Jiri Kremser (

Topic 2

Multithreaded implementation of new similarity metrics (image data) into existing framework.

Vaclav Rosecky (