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<title>Router Kondygnacyjny - EAGLE 20 TX/MM</title>
Zdjęcia i dane techniczne pobrane z
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<tgroup cols="2" align="left" colsep="1" rowsep="1">
<entry>Industrial Firewall/VPN-Router</entry>
<entry>EAGLE 20 TX/MM</entry>
<entry>Order No.</entry>
<entry>943 987-002</entry>
<entry>Router, Transparent (Bridging), Multipoint VPN (Router, PPPoE)</entry>
<entry>Port type and quantity</entry>
<entry>Trusted port:1 x 10/100BASE-TX, TP-cable, RJ45-socket, autocrossing, autonegotiation,
autopolarity Untrusted port:1 x 100BASE-FX, MM-cable, SC-socket
<imagedata fileref="./resources/images/EAGLE_20_TX_xM.jpg" scalefit="1" align="center"/>
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