The Cursed Mirror - JS13K game
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#The Cursed Mirror - JS13K game

You are a valiant knight. While you were fighting an evil and powerful warlock you have been cursed: from time to time you transform into your nemesis, a vicious villain. In order to break free from the curse you had to travel to a undead-ridden land looking for a cursed mirror that has been used to cast the spell on you. You have reached the mirror, but as soon as you break it the undead around you begin to rise. You have to fight against them until you come to the final showdown.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move and jump.
  • Mouse to aim.
  • Left click to attack.
  • Right click to block.


Fend against the undead attacking you until you come to the final battle.

The circle at the top shows your progress. The red bar at the bottom shows your health. The white bar at the bottom shows your curse energy level.

Curse energy will grow up over time, when it's full you will transform in your evil counterpart. When transformed, you are stronger and faster. Attacks from enemies won't damage you and will heal you instead, but they will deplete the curse's energy. When it reaches zero you'll turn normal again.


Works on any browser. In Internet Explorer sound doesn't work.

For best performance:

  • On Windows: Firefox.
  • On MacOS: Chrome.