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Compressed TSV output from Scalding.
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Scalding Compressed Tsv

This small word count example shows how to output compressed results from Scalding Tsv, other taps (Csv, TemplateTsv, etc) can be implemented similarly.

Running Locally

> sbt run

> head output/result.tsv

In local mode there is no compression.

Running on Hadoop

First create 'fat jar' then run on hadoop environment.

> sbt assembly

It will create fat jar with name wcc-1.0.jar under target/scala-2.10/wcc-1.0.jar.

Run on hadoop cluster giving proper input/output paths,

> hadoop/yarn jar wcc-1.0.jar WordCountRunner --hdfs --input /hdfs/input/path/to/file --output /hdfs/output/path/

More Info

To enable compression we need to change DelimitedScheme in Scalding. I created another trait with Cascading TextDelimited sinkCompression enabled.

trait CompressedDelimitedScheme extends SchemedSource {
  //override these as needed:
  val fields = Fields.ALL
  //This is passed directly to cascading where null is interpretted as string
  val types : Array[Class[_]] = null
  val separator = "\t"
  val skipHeader = false
  val writeHeader = false
  val quote : String = null

  // Whether to throw an exception or not if the number of fields does not match an expected number.
  // If set to false, missing fields will be set to null.
  val strict = true

  // Whether to throw an exception if a field cannot be coerced to the right type.
  // If set to false, then fields that cannot be coerced will be set to null.
  val safe = true

  //These should not be changed:
  override def localScheme = new CLTextDelimited(fields, skipHeader, writeHeader, separator, strict, quote, types, safe)

  override def hdfsScheme = {
    val tmp = new CHTextDelimited(fields, CHTextLine.Compress.DEFAULT, 
                  skipHeader, writeHeader, separator, strict, quote, types, safe)
    tmp.asInstanceOf[Scheme[JobConf, RecordReader[_, _], OutputCollector[_, _], _, _]]

    // old Scalding code
    // HadoopSchemeInstance(new CHTextDelimited(fields, null, skipHeader, writeHeader, 
    //        separator, strict, quote, types, safe))

And then create compressed Tsv case class by extending above trait.

case class CompressedTsv(p : String,
  override val fields : Fields = Fields.ALL,
  override val skipHeader : Boolean = false,
  override val writeHeader: Boolean = false,
  override val sinkMode: SinkMode = SinkMode.REPLACE) extends FixedPathSource(p) with CompressedDelimitedScheme

Setting Hadoop compression to true, CompressedTsv will output compressed otherwise usual Tsv output.

class WordCountJob(args : Args) extends Job(args) {

  override def config: Map[AnyRef,AnyRef] = {
    super.config ++ Map (
      "mapreduce.output.fileoutputformat.compress" -> "true",
      "mapreduce.output.fileoutputformat.compress.codec" -> "",
      "mapreduce.output.fileoutputformat.compress.type" -> "BLOCK"

  TextLine( args("input") )
    .flatMap('line -> 'word) { line : String => line.split("""\s+""") }
    .groupBy('word) { _.size }
    .write(CompressedTsv( args("output") ) )
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