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Dropzone user scripts repository

For Dropzone Users

You can download Dropzone actions directly from this repository by clicking on one of the files above, then click 'raw' and do File -> Save Page As... then double click on the downloaded file to add it to your grid.
We haven't fully tested all scripts in here, so don't blame us if something kills your goldfish.

For Developers

Actions listed on link to these scripts directly. If you make something cool, fork this repository, add your script and send a pull request.
Make sure you read the Dropzone API documentation located at

We can't guarantee to list your script on the Aptonic extend page. Scripts need to be pretty well tested, useful and functional before we will list them, or it reflects badly on our app when stuff breaks.

Ideally you should email us and let us know what you're doing and we can help test your action etc.
We've been known to give free licenses to developers who write cool destinations...