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# Dropzone Destination Info
# Name: USB[Un]Mount
# Description: Mounts or unmounts all USB drives connected to the system
# Handles: NSStringPboardType
# Creator: Brett Terpstra (modified by Ian Soper
# URL:
# IconURL:
# Events: Clicked
def clicked
$dz.begin("Scanning for drives")
profdata = `system_profiler SPUSBDataType`
disks = profdata.scan(/BSD Name: (disk.$)/)
mounted = false
profdata.scan(/Mount Point: ([^\n]+)/).each { |mounted|
mounted = mounted[0].empty? ? false : true
break if mounted == true
if mounted == true
message = "Cancelled"
res = `./CocoaDialog yesno-msgbox --title "Disks Mounted" --text "Unmount all USB drives?" --informative-text "At least one USB volume is mounted, do you want to unmount ALL of them?"`
disks.each {|disk|
`/usr/sbin/diskutil unmountDisk #{disk}`
message = "Unmounted"
} if res.to_i == 1
# need a confirmation dialog?
disks.each {|disk|
`/usr/sbin/diskutil mountDisk #{disk}`