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This tool is for running on a server, to send you (non)periodic reminders per email. The main purpose of this is to not clutter a calendar, while also giving you a precise timer for when you would like to be reminded of something. In accordance to how most of my tools work, this operates on plain-text files, and works via plain-text email.

A Task

A task is a simple text file in the directory Catachronon watches. This file has a very simple syntax: A list of lines that optionally start with "- ", which signifies keys. So a file might look like this:

- Title: Remind me of this
- Due: 2042-01-01
You're still alive!

This would send you an email, titled "Remind me of this" on 2042-01-01, midnight, with the body of "You're still alive". Any non-key lines in the file get merged into the body.