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An easy and simple image slider based on jQuery
Latest commit 09cf075 May 2, 2013 Henning Huncke fixed IE7 inline-block bug

simpleSlider - A jQuery-Plugin to create easy and simple image sliders

Version: 1.5.19


The simpleSlider needs minimum jQuery 1.4 to run without problems.



  • Create multiple instances of slider
  • Many good effects
  • Optional title to each image (as div or image-title-attribute)
  • Complete CSS designable
  • Public Methods to slide previous/next or restart


  • Slide (Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Overlay Slide (Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Fade & Slide (Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Blind (Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Split & Slide (Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Split & Slide (4 Squares)
  • Fade
  • Rain
  • RainGrow
  • RainRandom
  • RainWinding
  • Slice Up/Down
  • Swirl


<script type="text/javascript" src="javascripts/jquery.simpleSlider.js" />          # needed to use
<script type="text/javascript" src="javascripts/jquery.simpleSlider.effects.js" />  # if you want more effects

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function () {
            width: 640,
            height: 360


<div id="slider">
            <img src="images/example/image_01.jpg" alt="Image 01" />
                <h3 style="margin-top: 0;">Image 01</h3>
                <p>Some more Text</p>
                <a href="" target="_blank">you can put Links into the title</a>
            <img src="images/example/image_02.jpg" alt="Image 02" />
                <h3 style="margin-top: 0;">Image 02</h3>
                <p>Extra Text</p>
                <a href="" target="_blank">you can put Links into the title</a>
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