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Castle of the Winds in Elm

Castle of the Winds is a tile-based RPG made by Rick Saada in the late 80s. Many old school RPGers remember the game with fond memories and as such, this is my first second third attempt to port the game into the modern era to be playable on mobile and web browsers.

Checkout the progress here:

Running from source


Install Elm by itself or through node npm i -g elm


  1. Clone: git clone
  2. Run: ./ (it cleans elm-stuff and runs elm make src/make.elm dist/js/cotw.js)
  3. Open: dist/index.html in your favourite browser (as long as it's Chrome)


If you'd like to hack on it, the ./ script is nice to get auto refreshing of the browser. To do this you will need the http-server and browser-sync packages off npm as well. It should open up ports 5000 for elm reactor and 5008 for the html version with external semantic ui css.

I welcome suggestions for stats messages in the character creation screen!


Herein is chronicled the third attempt at writing a game, musings on the meaning of life and general rants!