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Pro Series

I made these when I was 13. The first coding I ever really did. Please remember that this is not in development. I will be fixing and compile bugs if you want me too, but I will not write any new games or features.


In order of best to worst:

  • Dog Fight Pro - 2 player game, players fly around the map in planes, fighting.
  • Obstacle pro - Action maze puzzle game.
  • Jumping Pro - Jump in time to spinning beams and stuff.
  • Racing - 2 player racing game
  • Maze - get to the end of a maze
  • Flying Pro - A basic flying simulator. Modified from a BlitzBasic demo (not sure of the license)
  • Shooting pro - Made from a tutorial
  • Hide and seek - Pretty sad


WTFPL plus no warranty provided, or implied. AS-IS.


  • Download BlitzBasic3d. (Can be demo)
  • Open the main game file of the mini game you want to play. (It will be called or .bb)
  • Run it (click the rocket).
  • Any problems? Open a github issue.