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Step 1

Cut a hole in a box.

Step 2

Woah! Just kidding!

Step 1, for realz

Add a 'MyApp - Frankified' target to your app by duplicating your main target

Step 2

In Xcode add a Frank group to your project. Within the frank group add the frank src directory, the frank lib directory, and the frank_static_resources.bundle directory. These only need to be added to your new 'Frankified' target

Step 3

Add CFNetwork framework

Step 4

Create a custom version of main.m for your Frankified target. Do this by:

  • copy the main.m.sample file from the Frank distribution into your application source tree somewhere, renaming it to main.m (or some other name with a .m file extension)
  • In Xcode add that file to just the Frankified target
  • finding the original standard main.m for your app, and make sure it is not being included in your Frankified target

Step 5

Build that sucka, fire it up in the simulator, and then point your browser at http://localhost:37265 and check you have the Frank symbiote at your command. Trying clicking 'Dump current DOM' to check that Frank is alive and kicking.

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