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-What is Frank?
+Official Repo Moved
-Frank is 'Selenium for native iOS apps'. It allows you to write automated acceptance tests which verify the functionality of your native iOS app.
+The official repository for Frank has moved to [**TestingWithFrank**/Frank](
-Learn More
-[The Frank website]( is your best resource. You'll find documentation, screencasts, video recordings of presentations, and links to further resources.
-Getting Started
-Getting started is easy. You just need to install a ruby gem, create a new target for your app in XCode, and start writing cucumber tests.
-Building from source
-After cloning the repo on github, run `git submodule update --init --recursive` to pull in the 3rd party submodules Frank uses, and then run `rake` to build the Frank library. You can also build the library using XCode.
-Contributions welcome!
-We're always happy to accept documentation improvements, bug fixes and new features. Please fork this repo and
-send a pull request. Feedback, suggestions and questions are always most welcome on the [mailing list](
+Please submit all pull requests to the new location. The [frank-cucumber]( gem will continue to work.
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