A small script to ease managing your dotfiles repository between machines
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A small script to help manage your dot files across machines.

It can add, remove, and use files from your dotfiles repository, as
well as synchronise between your local repository and the origin.

It also maintains a mapping between files in your repository and names
on your system. For example, ~/.tmux.conf will simply be tmux.conf
in your dotfiles repository.

Currently dotfiles only handles files, but it can handle files inside
directories other than your home directory.


* Bash, grep, sed


Copy or link 'dotfiles' to somewhere that is in your shell path.

By default dotfiles will use ~/.dotfiles as your local repository.
Note that it must be on the same filesystem as your home directory
as dotfiles uses hard links.


Initial setup:

	$ dotfiles setup
	$ dotfiles setup-remote <repo-path-or-url>
	$ dotfiles add <file>
	$ dotfiles sync

On your other computers:

	$ dotfiles setup
	$ dotfiles setup-remote <repo-path-or-url>
	$ dotfiles use :all

To add a file:

	$ dotfiles add <file>

	Example: "dotfiles add ~/.vimrc" will add "~/.vimrc"
	to your repository, and name it "vimrc"

To use a particular file:

	$ dotfiles use <name>

To use all the files in the repository:

	$ dotfiles use :all

To synchronise your dotfiles:

	$ dotfiles sync

To see your status:

	$ dotfiles status

To update your dotfile changes to your local repo:

	$ dotfiles update

Remove a file from the repository:

	$ dotfiles remove <name>


dotfiles-helper is by Lucas Martin-King and licenced under the GPLv2