A Ruby library that provides an API for geocaching.com
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Ruby API for geocaching.com

This Ruby library provides an API for geocaching.com.


require "geocaching"

# Logging in is not always necessary, but some information are only
# accessible when logged in.
Geocaching::HTTP.login("username", "password")

# Fetch the information for a cache by the cache’s GC code.  You can also
# provide the cache’s GUID instead of the GC code.
cache = Geocaching::Cache.fetch(:code => "...")

# Print some cache information.
puts "      Name: #{cache.name}"
puts "Difficulty: #{cache.difficulty}"
puts "     Owner: #{cache.owner.username}"

# Print the number of logs.
puts "      Logs: #{cache.logs.size}"

# Print the number of users that didn’t find the cache.
dnfs = cache.logs.select { |log| log.type == :dnf }.size
puts "      DNFs: #{dnfs}"

# Fetch the information for a log by its GUID.
log = Geocaching::Log.fetch(:guid => "...")

# Print some log information.
puts "Username: #{log.user.name}"
puts "   Words: #{log.message.split.size}"
puts "   Cache: #{log.cache.name}"


The whole library may raise the following exceptions:

  • Geocaching::TimeoutError when a timeout is hit.
  • Geocaching::LoginError when calling a method that requires being logged in and you’re not.
  • Geocaching::NotFetchedError when accessing a method that requires the fetch method to be called first.
  • Geocaching::ExtractError when information could not be extracted out of the website’s HTML code. This mostly happens after Groundspeak changed their website.
  • Geocaching::HTTPError when a HTTP request failed.

All exceptions are subclasses of Geocaching::Error.


Tests are written using RSpec. You need Bundler to run the tests.

$ bundle update
$ GC_USERNAME="username" GC_PASSWORD="password" bundle exec rake test

Additional environment variables you may specify are:

  • GC_TIMEOUT — HTTP timeout in seconds
  • GC_CACHE_TYPES — A space-separated list of cache types you want to test.
  • GC_LOG_TYPES — A space-separated list of log types you want to test.