A wiki demo based on web micro-framework battle by Richard Jones
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Morepath Wiki


This is a simple wiki implementation. It's based on the "Web micro-framework battle", a 2011 presentation by Richard Jones. In it he implements a simple wiki in a number of Python web micro-frameworks to compare them.

In 2013, Martijn Fraassen figured it would be interesting to see how Morepath stacks up, and also to try building a more real application with Morepath to work out the kinks in Morepath itself.

Richard kindly made available the codebase for that presentation, which was used to create an implementation using Morepath. Apart from a few inconsequential changes, storage.py is completely taken from Richard's codebase as the underlying model code for the Morepath wiki.

The Html library, also by Richard, had to be bundled due to installation problems under Python 3.

Getting started

To get started with Morepath_wiki right away, you can install it and run it in a newly created virtual environment:

$ virtualenv env
$ ./env/bin/pip install morepath_wiki
$ ./env/bin/morepath_wiki

You can now access the wiki at http://localhost:5000.

Installation from sources

You can grab the sources from GitHub and set them up in a fresh virtual environment:

$ git clone https://github.com/morepath/morepath_wiki.git
$ cd morepath_wiki
$ virtualenv env
$ ./env/bin/pip install -e '.[test]'

You'll then be able to start the wiki:

$ ./env/bin/morepath_wiki

And to run the test suite:

$ ./env/bin/py.test -v