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This is a repository for the collective translation of subtitle files.

We use the "self-proclaimed" multilanguage SRT format (.msrt) where each line has prefix indicating translation language:

00:00:26,640 --> 00:00:30,640
[rus] Кажется, я снова уснула с открытым окном...
[eng] It seems I feel asleep with the window open, again...
[spa] Al parecer me quedé dormida con la ventana abierta de nuevo...

00:00:32,360 --> 00:00:35,360
[rus] Уфф... Как дует то...
[eng] Oh... It so windy...
[spa] Oh... Cuánto viento...

NOTE: The language codes are defined according to ISO 639-3 standard

With this repository we also provide special utilities to work with msrt files. These can be found in the tools/ folder. can extract any language to a regular SRT subtitle file like this:

./tool/ pepper-and-carrot-ep6.msrt eng -o

and allows you to embed some or all of the languages of an msrt subtitle file into an video file (.mkv, .mp4, or .mov). The basic usage looks like this:

./tool/ morevna-ep3.msrt ~/Downloads/morevna-episode-3.0.1.mp4 --language eng rus --default eng

however there are many more options you can explore with ./tool/msrt_embed --help.

Translation status

  • pepper-and-carrot-ep6.msrt - [ACCEPTING-TRANSLATIONS]
  • morevna-ep3.msrt - [ACCEPTING-TRANSLATIONS]
  • synfig-course-promo.msrt - [ENGLISH-POLISHING, RUSSIAN-DRAFT, SPANISH-DRAFT]


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.