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"pathfinder" is a single-function, optimized path finding library for PICO-8 Lua from the Graphics Codex.

The find_path function finds a heuristically shortest path from start to goal using the A* ("A-star") algorithm, and returns it as a list of nodes to visit. Returns nil if there is no path. You can also guarantee that the true shortest path is returned (at a cost of running longer) by providing a zero-value estimator function, which reduces find_path to Dijkstra's Algorithm.

The caller determines the structure of the node objects and how they are connected to form the graph. So, find_path can work with any kind of graph representation and is not limited to using the PICO-8 map functions from the demo. You can use it with 3D maps, hex maps, etc.


start : node

The starting position in your chosen node representation.

goal : node

The goal position in your chosen node representation.

estimate : function(node, node, graph)

Guesses what the total path cost is to travel from the first node to the second in the graph. If this function returns 0 for all paths, then find_path reduces to Dijkstra's Algorithm and guarantees that it finds the shortest path.

edge_cost : function(node, node, graph)

The exact cost to move from the first node to the second, which is known to be its neighbor in the graph. It does not have to be a symmetric cost, so you can have hills, one-way doors, etc.

neighbors : function(node, graph)

Returns an array of all neighbors nodes that are reachable in one step from the argument node.

node_to_id : function(node, graph)

Returns a unique integer or string for the node. ids must be unique and deterministic. node_to_id(a, g) == node_to_id(b, g) must be true if and only if a and b describe the same location.

graph : graph

The graph object, of your own design. If the data needed for implementing the callback functions are all global, then this may be nil.

See the Graphics Codex for a description of the algorithm and implementations in other languages.