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Morgan McGuire, 2017. Open Source under the BSD or MIT license--your choice!

This is code demonstrating how to simulate player-character movement in a 2D platformer with the following features:

This is programmed in the style of PICO-8 lua with the assumption of 8x8 pixel sprites (which is why it has only lower-case letters and is designed to minimize tokens). See:

  • platformer.lua for the fully-commented version and
  • platformer-min.lua for a more minimalist version.

This assumes the following functions:

  • hsolid(x, y1, y2) returns true if pixel (x, y1) or (x, y2) is solid with respect to horizontal movement
  • vsolid(x1, y, x2) returns true if pixel (x1, y) or (x2, y) is solid with respect to vertical movement
  • friction(x, y) returns the friction multiplier (tuned for 0-8) for the block at pixel (x, y)