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The quadplay✜ fantasy console
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The quadplay✜ fantasy console by CasualEffects is now in public beta.


  • 60 fps @ 384 x 224 pixels = 12:7 aspect ≈ 16:9.3
  • 4096 sRGB (4:4:4) colors
  • Hundreds of built-in sprites, sounds, and fonts
  • Program in PyxlScript, a friendly Python-like language
  • Order-independent 4-bit (16-level) alpha transparency
  • Native 2.5D graphics via z-order
  • 9.4 MB of total sprite memory
  • Up to 64 sprite and font sheets of up to 1024x1024
  • Four 10-button gamepads (D-pad + ⓐⓑⓒⓓ + ⓟⓠ)
  • Optional 192 x 112, 128 x 128, and 64 x 64 screen modes
  • Free and open source

Join the Beta

This beta version operates only in Pro mode, using external editors. The 1.0 release will also provide a complete web-based IDE that requires no local installation.

To get started in Pro mode, you'll need Windows, MacOS, or Linux and the following freely-available software.


  • This repository
  • A code editor such as VS Code, Emacs, or VIM. Use Python mode for PyxlScript or install our provided editor extensions
  • Python (any version)
  • A modern web browser such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox
  • The manual


See the manual for a getting started guide, the change log, road map, and beta notes.


The quadplay✜ runtime, compiler, and emulator are licensed as LGPL3. You can create closed-source games with it and distribute your games however you want, including commercially. If you modify the runtime, compiler, or emulator, then you must redistribute your changes to those under the LGPL3 with your game as open source.

Portions of the IDE are under different open source licenses (BSD, MIT, and public domain).

All sounds, sprites, and games distributed with quadplay✜ are Creative Commons licensed. The copyright and license on each of those is in a JSON file next to the asset.

© 2019 Morgan McGuire

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