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Very simple web based RSS/Atom feed reader. Written in python with bottle.
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Microreader is a simple, lightweight and hackable self hosted RSS/Atom reader. Written in Python with help of the web framework Bottle, and the orm Peewee. Microreader requires at least Python version 3.

Try it out by installing requirements pip install -r requirements.txt and run python . Then access http://localhost:3000. In some environments pip for Python 3 may have another alias, such as pip3 or pip-3.X or similar.

Runs on Apache with mod_wsgi. An example app.wsgi is included in the repository.

To have automatic aggregation of feeds every twenty minutes, enter the following into crontab: */20 * * * * wget -O - -q -t 1 http://<host>:<port>/channels/update. Replace <host> and <port> with corresponding values.

A JSON api is available for most url:s, by adding application/json to the Accept header.

Chrome Lynx

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