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DLF Forum 2019 python tools for digital collections metadata workshop
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Practical Python Tools for Metadata Assessment: 55-minute workshop

This repository contains materials for a 55-minute workshop at the 2019 DLF Forum in Tampa, FL.

This is meant to be a a fun and beginner-friendly introduction to a few useful Python tools, in the context of exploring and manipulating tabular metadata for digital collections. We will focus on a few basic functions of Python's pandas data analysis library for exploring, filtering, reshaping, and merging datasets.

Jupyter Notebook for Workshop

Notebook file location in this repository: notebook_exercises/py_workshop_notebook.ipynb.

The notebook contains all exercises and code for the workshop.

Binder location for Jupyter Notebook from github:

Binder location for notebook from github: Binder

Note that Binder can be slow to load -- 2-8 minutes for the notebook to load after opening this URL could happen!

Alternatively, if you have the Jupyter Notebook software installed on your own computer, you can also download the repository and run the notebook locally.

Workshop Outline

We will walk through three brief examples with digital collections metadata files. After each example there will be an exercise you can try out on your own.

activity time
Intro/how to use jupyter notebook 10 mins
Example 1: Explore a dataset 12 mins
Example 2: Compare a group of metadata files 12 mins
Example 3: Merge info from separate files 12 mins
Wrap-up: review resources, options for installing/running python 5 mins

Backup options: Static Versions of Notebook

Jupyter Notebook Viewer:

  • provides a viewer that renders notebook code and markdown as static HTML page.
  • The static version of the notebook shows all code executed, so you can read the code and see the outputs.

View this Jupyter Notebook in nbviewer: py_workshop_notebook

nbviewer's FAQs page for more information about

Static versions in repository

This repository also contains static versions of the notebook:

  • notebook_markdown/ : best option for viewing rendered notebook within repository
  • notebook_exercises/py_workshop.ipynb : notebook formatting rendering is sometimes weird in gitlab, and often fails in github, but this might also work for direct viewing

Backup Binder location

Back-up Binder location for notebook from gitlab: Binder

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