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A delightful little notetaking app.
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Womby Build Status

Womby is a delightfully simple web-based notetaking app that autosaves your notes as you type. It works on all devices with modern internet browsers.

Demo Account


Password: password

See it live:

A screenshot of Womby's desktop layout

Data persistence is achieved using a RESTful API built with NodeJS and Express. The backend repo can be found here.

Engineering Highlights

  • Designed for both mobile and desktop devices
  • Thoughtful autosaving to reduce load on backend while never losing user data
  • Persistent login / authentication using JWTs
  • Data persistence using a RESTful backend (check it out here).

Tech Stack

Front End

  • JS / React / Sass
  • Hosting with Google Firebase
  • Testing with Jest / Enzyme
  • Git / GitHub for version control
  • Travis for Continuous Integration

Back End

  • NodeJS for runtime environment
  • Express for the HTTP server layer
  • PassportJS framework for authentication strats
  • Mocha / Chai for testing
  • Heroku for backend deployment
  • Git / GitHub for version control
  • Travis for Continuous Integration


The entire application lives in the src/ folder:

├── components
│   ├── common     <-- Holds a few general helper functions
│   ├── landing    <-- Houses the unauthenticated user flow
│   └── workbench  <-- Contains the meat of the application
│       ├── Workbench.js  <-- The container component for the editor app
│       ├── addNote       <-- The add note (+) button
│       ├── editor        <-- The Editor component (the heart of the application)
│       │   ├── Autosaver.js  <-- A clever little way to debounce autosaving
│       │   └── Editor.js     <-- See inline documentation!
│       └── menus         <-- Contains the menu components for both layouts
│           ├── MobileMenu.js  <-- The hamburger and slide-out menu for mobile
│           ├── Toolbar.js     <-- The desktop toolbar on the left side
│           └── sidebar        <-- The file explorer used in both menus
├── controller  <-- Holds the Redux layer of the application
└── db          <-- An interface to access the backend of the application
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