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Updated w/link to Kevin Y. Kim's `rem`.

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@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ Looking for other Mac OS X-specific command line tools to complement these? Chec
* [`iloc`]( by Nate Weaver
* [`ithief`]( by Israel Chauca Fuentes
* [osxiconutils (`geticon`, `icns2pict`, `pict2icns`, `seticon`)]( & [osxutils (`cpath`, `getfcomment`, `geticon`, `google`, `hfsdata`, `lsmac`, `mkalias`, `rcmac`, `setfcomment`, `setfctypes`, `setfflags`, `seticon`, `setlabel`, `setsuffix`, `setvolume`, `trash`, `wiki`, `wsupdate`)]( by Sveinbjorn Thordarson
+* [`rem`]( by Kevin Y. Kim
* [`service`]( by David Kendal
* [`trash`]( by Dave Dribin
* [`webkit2png`]( by Paul Hammond

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