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`trash` allows trashing of files instead of tempting fate with `rm`. Correctly handles trashing files on other volumes.
+I'd suggest installing these tools in `/usr/local/bin/` as follows:
+1. `cd` into the directory containing the aforementioned tools.
+2. Run `sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/bin/` to make the `/usr/local/bin/` directory, if it doesn't already exist.
+3. Run `sudo install -b clipcat eject trash /usr/local/bin/` to install the `clipcat`, `eject`, and `trash` tools into `/usr/local/bin/` (Note: if you do not want to install all of the tools, only list the ones you want to install).
+4. Make sure to add `/usr/local/bin/` to your path. If you're using the default `bash` shell, create and/or edit `~/.bash_profile` and add the following line: `export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin`

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