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Chef handler for sending exceptions to Airbrake
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Airbrake handler for Chef

Report Chef exceptions to Airbrake

Works fine with chef versions above 0.9.x


gem install airbrake_handler

In your chef client file (often placed at /etc/chef/client.rb) put:

require "airbrake_handler"
exception_handlers << => "your-airbrake-api-key")

You can pass more options to AirbrakeHander initializer, i.e: => "your-airbrake-api-key", :framework_env => "production")

Toadhopper options:

  • :api_key
  • :notify_host

If you want to ignore specific exceptions, you can do this like that:

airbrake_handler = => "your-airbrake-api-key", :framework_env => "production")
airbrake_handler.ignore << {:class => "SystemExit"}
airbrake_handler.ignore << {:class => "Errno::ECONNRESET", :message => /Connection reset by peer/}


If you would like to install airbrake_handler by Chef itself, you can use cookbook:

Airbrake Handler Cookbook

Continuous Integration

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Copyright (c) 2012 Adam Jacob, Wojciech Wnętrzak See LICENSE for details.

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