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Apigee Customization Repository Template


  • Provide a template directory structure for your repository
  • Assist in developing Drupal best practices
  • Ensure a structure that will integrate with Apigee automated deployment processes

Basic Directory Structure

  • Repository Root - preferably named after your organization
    • devportal -- Developer Portal specific changes
      • files
      • libraries
      • modules
        • custom -- location of your custom modules
        • contrib -- location of contrib modules for your specific portal
      • private
      • themes
      • tmp

Getting Started

  • Download this repository from Github.
  • Rename the root directory from DevPortal_Customization to something more specific to your organization.
  • Create a new Github repos for your organization based off this directory structure.
  • Start commiting your changes.

Common Changes

Custom Modules

If you are needing to create custom modules to support your specific business needs place those modules in the modules/custom directory.

Be sure to follow Drupal development best practices and keep your theme changes distinct from custom modules.

Contrib Modules

If you need to add special functionality via the thousands of contributor modules available for drupal, place those in repository/devportal/modules/contrib

Custom Themes

Company Brand is the most common way that customers customize their portal. A custom theme can be added to the themes directory to give your portal a completely new look and feel to match your brand.