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Shipping Against The Odds - October 2018 @ Product Mavens,

Slide deck for the talk I've given at Product Mavens meetup discussing how to use Rapid Prototyping techniques and mindset within a small team to be able to quickly adapt to a changing environment, and what are the values that are most benefitial in these scenarios.

Containers All The Way Down

Slides for the talk about building blocks of modern containers (from chroot to AuFS). Introduction to Docker with Ruby+Redis container examples, and docker-compose workflow.

Processes, Threads and Ruby

Slides from the talk I gave at JN Solutions office in April, 2013. Gives an introduction into working with processes and threads in Ruby, together with a deeper look at some underlying differences between various Ruby versions and implementations.

VIM - Craftsman's Precision Tool

Lightning talk about the origins of vim editor, and the basic ideas behind it.


Slides from my talks



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