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Data Handling & Management

Roles ordnance based on acquired data handling and management tasks:

Data Science


  • Handle raw big data into purified insights, including different, varied dataset sizes, shapes, features
  • Explore ad-hoc data, hypothesize, create strong business statements, and provide interesting findings
  • Build statistical models
  • Discover patterns in data
  • Design and run new algorithms on variant dataset sizes
  • Build data science apps
  • Recommendation engine
  • Predict stock market trends
  • Indentify fraudulent transactions patterns
  • Narrate interesting stories about solutions on business problems found through visualized data


  • Python / Jupyter / Flask
  • R / RStudio
  • Scala / Apache Spark
  • Google Cloud / AWS Sagemaker / Azure ML Studio / Hadoop


  1. Cleaning
  1. Processing
  1. Machine Learning
  1. Visualization
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