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iOS app for tracking your habits
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Simple app for creating positive habits and getting rid of negative ones

Your habits Habit creation

FeaturesTODOFrameworks usedHow to installDeveloper


  • Dark mode support (iOS 11.0 - 13.0)
  • Full Russian and English localization
  • SPM used as a dependency manager


  • watchOS app
  • Widget
  • Notifications
  • Habit details screen
  • Editing existing habits

Frameworks used

How to install

Build & run using Xcode

  • Open the project using habitude.xcodeproj file
  • Setup signing with your Apple ID
  • Run!

Install from App Store

  • Tap HERE to open App Store


This app was created by Maxim Skryabin as a simple portfolio project. Feel free to contact me using my website.

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