Parse the Plover log to count against a wordlist.
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Plover Parser

Parse the Plover log to count against a wordlist.


Wordlist copied from Google-10000-english is found in assets/


You just need Node.js to get started. Then, run:

npm install -g plover_parser

Get Parsing

Check Log Against a Wordlist

Given a wordlist with one word per line, you can see how many times the word was used in the given plover log files. The list will be in the same order as the wordlist and will show all the strokes you used to write the words and how many times you used each stroke.

count_plover_log worlist.txt plover.log.1 plover.log.2 > counts.txt

Alternatively, you can use the default wordlist by providing '-w' instead of the wordlist argument:

count_plover_log -w plover.log.1 plover.log.2 > counts.txt

Generate Most Used Words List

Goes through the Plover logs and makes a list of all the words you've used in your log. It then sorts the most used down to the least used. Useful to see your most commonly used strokes, including commands, and the different ways you use them.

plover_log_stats plover.log.1 plover.log.2 > stats.txt

Get Gitting (alternate title: so you want to make a pull request?)

git clone
cd plover_parser
npm install
npm start ~/path/to/log.log
npm run build

I use webpack to bundle everything and add a shebang afterwards so that they are runnable.


In your editor, preferably Atom or Sublime Text 3, make sure to install a package for "eslint" in order to have your JavaScript validated by the rules defined in the .eslintrc