Example web application to receive money built with Stripe + Firebase
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Example web application to receive money built with Stripe + Firebase


You can create your link and start receiving money.


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Deploy and test

  1. Create a Firebase Project using the Firebase Developer Console
  2. Enable billing on your project by switching to the Blaze (or Flame) plan. See pricing for more details. This is required to be able to do requests to non-Google services.
  3. Install Firebase CLI Tools if you have not already and log in with firebase login.
  4. Configure this sample to use your project using firebase use --add and select your project.
  5. Install dependencies locally by running: cd functions; npm install; cd -
  6. Add your Stripe API Secret Key to firebase config:
firebase functions:config:set stripe.token=<YOUR STRIPE SECRET KEY>
  1. Pass your Stripe publishable key to the STRIPE_PUBLIC_KEY variable in public/index.html (like pk_test_*****************)
  2. Deploy your function using firebase deploy --only functions
  3. Pass your new Firebase Function URL to the CHARGE_CLOUD_FUNCTION_TRIGGER_URL variable in public/index.html (like https://us-central1-***.cloudfunctions.net/charge)
  4. Deploy your hosting using firebase deploy --only hosting
  5. Test your Stripe integration by viewing your deployed site firebase open hosting:site