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Port of the Perl 5 CGI::Application module to Perl 6.

The Perl 6 port tries to actively use the features of the Perl 6 object model,
so for example setter methods that work as $app->params($p) in the Perl 5
module are realized as $app.param = $p in the Perl 6 port.

Very much a work in progress. Contributes are very welcome.

    * basic dispatch works


I've contacted the authors of Perl 5 CGI::Application to get
permission to re-distribute some of their code under the terms of the Artistic
License 2. If they grant it, this module will be AL2. If not, it will have the
same license as the origianl module (ie AL1 + GPL).
If you contribute to this module, you implicitly declare that either of the
two licensing models is fine for you.