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Chalice-Model -- generic blog backend for the to-be-written 'Chalice' blog engine
Chalice is intended to a blog engine inspired by Blosxom, light and
extensible, though not quite as light as Blosxom.
The developer(s) want Chalice to be a good blog engine, in the sense
that it is
* secure
* fun to use
* easy to install
* fast
* flexible
The idea is to start from the bottom up by designing a backend first.
Since people can never agree on what the best storage format is (for example
blosxom uses flat files, wordpress uses mysql), the storage is abstracted
away from the backend API. To avoid costs from an abstraction layer, the
abstraction is done on the documentation and test level (ie the documentation
describes how the API of a storage should look like, and the tests excercise
that; there's no requirement of inheritance or so to conform to that API).
Later a frontend will be developed on top of one of the more lightweight
web frameworks (Dancer or Mojolicious), though everybody is encouraged to
write alternative frontends (and storage backends, of course).
Community Participation
You are very welcome to contribute your code and ideas to Chalice. Just submit
a pull request on github, if I like I'll merge it and give you a commit bit.
Note that opinions of the form "we should use $x instead of $y" or "we should
really have feature $z" are much more likely to convince me if they come
with a patch :-)
For ideas what to work on, please consult the TODO file.