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$tested {common_loaded} = 1;
can_ok $class,
# Constructor
qw( new ),
# OO Support
qw( attributes attribute_is filtered_attributes displayed_attributes dump
syncupdates_update syncupdates_delete syncupdates_create _object_factory
_single_attribute_setget _multiple_attribute_setget _syncupdates_submit );
ok( !$object->can('bogusmethod'), "No AUTOLOAD interference with $class tests" );
for my $a ( $object->attributes('mandatory') ) {
ok( $object->attribute_is( $a, 'mandatory' ), "Attribute $a is mandatory" );
ok( !$object->attribute_is( $a, 'optionnal' ), "Attribute $a is not optionnal");
for my $a ( $object->attributes('optionnal') ) {
ok( !$object->attribute_is( $a, 'mandatory' ), "Attribute $a is not mandatory" );
ok( $object->attribute_is( $a, 'optionnal' ), "Attribute $a is optionnal");
for my $a ( $object->attributes('single') ) {
ok( $object->attribute_is( $a, 'single' ), "Attribute $a is single valued" );
ok( !$object->attribute_is( $a, 'multiple', "Attribute $a is multi valued" ) );
for my $a ( $object->attributes('multiple') ) {
ok( !$object->attribute_is( $a, 'single' ), "Attribute $a is single valued" );
ok( $object->attribute_is( $a, 'multiple', "Attribute $a is multi valued" ) );
# Check that all attributes have been tested
for my $a ( $object->attributes('all') ) {
# Check that each attribute has been tested
ok ($tested{ $a }, "Attribute $a has been tested");
# Check that each attribute is set either to 'single' or 'multiple'
ok ($object->attribute_is($a, 'single') or $object->attribute_is($a, 'multiple'), "$a is either single or multiple");
ok ($object->attribute_is($a, 'single') != $object->attribute_is($a, 'multiple'), "$a can't be both single".$object->attribute_is($a,'single')." and multi".$object->attribute_is($a,'multiple'));
# check that the object can be dumped
# this catches spelling errors in attribute accessors
ok $object->dump, 'can dump object';
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