Make summary mode sticky, when prev/next day links are clicked #7

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I saw this comment on reddit by raiph. I have felt the same need in the past when I was trying to catch up with Perl 6 irc logs. So, raiph's comment made me look at the code, and it was pretty easy to make a fix. The changes are very minor.

Please note that these are untested changes. I suppose I'd have to install my own IRC server, MySQL server and a web server in order to run ilbot and test these changes. The effort involved in setting this up seemed more than I can spare my time at present, so I punted on doing this. If this is a problem, feel free to reject the pull request.

@moritz moritz merged commit ceeec37 into moritz:master Apr 5, 2013

FWIW I needed commit 5ed2682 to fix the hilighting of github links. The first problem was that the regex was too liberal, never letting the old 'RT #123456' links match. And the second problem was that in channels other #moe and #parrot, it swallowed #123456-style text.

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