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A tiny JSON parser and emitter for Perl 6 on Rakudo
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An initial Perl 6 grammar for JSON.

This is a work in progress. For more information please join #perl6 on, and talk to moritz_ or viklund, or write a mail to

All files (unless noted otherwise) can be used, modified and redistributed
under the terms of the Artistic License Version 2. Examples (in the
documentation, in tests or distributed as separate files) can be considered
public domain.

To build and test this module, plese get 'ufo' from and run

    make test

(installation is not yet supported; you can do that manually by copying the .pm
files from lib/ recursivley in your ~/.perl6/lib/ dir; installing .pir files
is discouraged, since simple changes in Rakudo will render them worthless,
might result in confusing errors).


    The parser is pretty complete, if you find anything that it should
    parse and doesn't, or the other way round, please let me know.

    The emitter works.

    Both currently ignore possible surrogate pairs.

    Moritz Lenz <>
    Johan Viklund
    Jonathan Worthington
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