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use Test::More;
use strict;
use warnings;
use Scalar::Util qw(blessed);
if (eval 'use XML::Simple; 1'){
plan tests => 5;
} else {
plan skip_all => 'XML::Simple not available';
BEGIN { use_ok('App::Mowyw', 'parse_str'); };
my %meta = ( VARS => {}, FILES => [qw(t/datasource.t)]);
$App::Mowyw::config{default}{include} = 't/';
$App::Mowyw::config{default}{postfix} = '';
is parse_str('[% bind a type:xml file:sample.xml root:item %]', \%meta),
'bind returns empty string';
ok blessed $meta{VARS}{a}, 'Bound variable is a blessed ref';
my $reader = q{[% for i in a %]![%readvar][%endfor%]};
is parse_str($reader, \%meta), '!bar1!bar2!bar3', 'retrieved data';
is parse_str($reader, \%meta), '!bar1!bar2!bar3', 'The same works again';
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