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mowyw (0.7.1)
* script/mowyw: remove some fallout from the Mowyw -> App::Mowyw
transition (Kurt Tomlinson)
mowyw (0.7.0)
* lib/: revamped modules to live in the App:: namespace in preparation of
a CPAN release
* script/: new directory for the mowyw script
mowyw (0.6.2)
* lib/Mowyw/Datasource/ more robust XML reading
* example/: added missing files
mowyw (0.6.1)
* lib/ silenced warning on [% readvar %]
mowyw (0.6.0)
* lib/Mowyw/ Add position and line numbers to parsed tokens
* lib/ Add line number to error message
* *: Changed license to Artistic 2.0
mowyw (0.5.2)
* lib/ configurable filter for which files to process
* lib/Mowyw/Datasource/ First shot at a more general result set
framework. Not yet used by the rest of the program.
mowyw (0.5.1)
* mowyw: make mowyw encoding aware, added --encoding option. Default is
mowyw (0.5.0)
* mowyw: Moved nearly all functionally to a module to allow better testing
* mowyw.1.txt: structured documentation in the asciidoc format
* t/: many more new test files
* lib/ added [% ifvar %] tag
* lib/ added [% bind %] and [% for %] tags
* lib/Mowyw/ Added generic datasource interface
* lib/Mowyw/Datasource/ DBI based SQL backend
* lib/Mowyw/Datasource/ XML::Simple based XML backend
* Build.PL: install helper script
mowyw (0.4.1)
* mowyw: Added support for a global include file (includes/global)
* mowyw: Reads config file, and modifies include filenames according to
mowyw (0.4.0)
* mowyw: Added support for new delimiters: [% ... %] instead of [[[
... ]]]. Currently they are interchangable, so [% .. ]]] works, but
this is considered a bug rather than a feature.
* README: update accordingly
* example/source/foo2.shtml: added example [% ... %] tags
mowyw (0.3.0)
* mowyw: Added support for syntax highliting, variables and comments
* README: update accordingly
* example/source/bar.shtml: added syntax hilighting example
* example/source/style.css: added syntax hilighting classes
* Mowyw/ fixed handling of "0" string
mowyw (0.2.0)
* Mowyw/ added a separate lexer
* mowyw: (nearly) complete rewrite using a recursive-descending parser
* README: added description for [[[verbatim foo]]] (arbitrary
stuff)[[[endverbatim foo]]]
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