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#!/usr/bin/env perl6
sub mkdir-p(@a) {
for [\~]{"$_/"}) {
mkdir($_) unless .IO.d
sub MAIN($module-name) {
my $module-dir = $module-name.subst(:g, '::', '-');
mkdir $module-dir or die "Can't mkdir '$module-dir': $!";
chdir $module-dir or die "Can't chdir '$module-dir': $!";
my @module-dirs = 'lib', $module-name.split('::');
my $file = @module-dirs.pop;
mkdir-p @module-dirs;
my $module-fn = join '/', @module-dirs, "$file.pm6";
my $m = open $module-fn, :w;
$m.say: 'use v6;';
$m.say: "class $module-name;";
$m.say: '';
$m.say: '# vim: ft=perl6';
mkdir 't';
my $t = open :w, 't/01-load.t';
$t.say: 'use v6;';
$t.say: 'use Test;';
$t.say: 'plan *;';
$t.say: '';
$t.say: "isa_ok {$module-name}.new(), $module-name;";
$t.say: '';
$t.say: 'done_testing;';
$t.say: '# vim: ft=perl6';
# vim: ft=perl6
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