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The following features are planned for Quelology:
1) Initial feature phase:
* signup
* web unit tests
* authorization
* explaining texts
* authentication
* edit titles etc.
* imprint
* search in the database
(cheated version, just uses amazon and then looks
up threads by ASIN)
* simple model unit tests
* experiment with kinosearch thingy
(go live in read-only mode)
1.5) Big Redesign phase:
* consistent design
* easier tree editing
2) Editing capabilities
* enter and edit title, publication and author data
* search amazon, imoprt raw_publications
(implemented in the backend, no user interface for it)
* promote raw_publications to title + publication
* create translations
* move publications (and maybe raw publications) around
inside a series
* improved series creation (how?)
2.5) Explaning texts about tree editing
(go live for real)
3) More Feature phase:
* CSRF protection
* cross-browser testing
* use, created and view aliases / alternative titles
* timeline view
* i18n, l10n => translate page to German and maybe other languages
* on-site SEO (titles, URLs)
* other data source /link destinations than amazon (, barnes&nobles, ...)
* non-book media
* log changes to make them reversible
* more advanced edit:
- guard against multiple edit fields at once
(which would mean that a user input might be lost)
* mass edit form
4) Even More Features phase (speculative at best):
* "social" features (?)
* badges/achievement for editing (?)
* voting on correctness, content; maybe user karma (?)
* additional meta-information (characters that appear in books) (?)
* OpenID integration
Explorative ideas not tied to any particular plan:
* Automatically group translations of series into the same series
structure as the original language (partially done with
* mark the original language in translations
* more advanced language guessing, based on character sets used,
or even baed on training data and statistical model (for example
using Text::Ngram::LanguageDetermine), or experiment with
Text::Language::Guess (though stopword analysis seems not too
promising for titles)
* markup, specifically
* translations
* proper fulltext index + search
* author pages