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small-scale TODO items (as opposed to larger scale ROADMAP),
and copied&pasted feedback
[ambrus] And maybe there should be a way to move all books
of a subseries to another series at once, removing the first
series. And an undo feature becasue this
change is hard to undo.
[ambrus] and I for one would prefer if drag-drop was
always just a shortcut, so there was a way to do anything without drag-drop, eg. if there would be a cut button next to each node, and after you've cut any number of nodes, a paste button where you have the
[ambrus] blue plusses currently, plus a way to undo cutting.
It's a bit hard for me to drag nodes to long distance.
* add JS form validation and username availability checking to signup form
* find a way to turn author birthplaces into geo coordinates, and display the
location(s) on a stylized world map (see for example
* fix/investigate publication/translations prefixing for /t/:id URLs
[ambrus] It would be nice if there was a way to create a new
empty series anywhere inside a series.
[ambrus] Sometimes I can't start to drag a title until I reload the page.
(fix: Add draggable() to all ajaxy-inserted things)
* make most elements of a <li> draggable, not just the link/image
* investigate other data sources. Take inspiration from