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@@ -9,11 +9,12 @@ For compiling C<spin.cpp> you need
=item C<make> and C<g++> 4.1 or later
-=item the C<superlu> shared library and header files
+=item the C<superlu> shared library and header files (C<libsuperlu3-dev> in Debian)
=item the C<eigen> linear algebra library from L<>,
either the development track leading to 3.0, or the 3.0 stable branch (when it
+exists). If you have problems building the program, revert eigen to revision
@@ -92,6 +93,8 @@ Additionally to C<alpha> you can run over C<phi> (interface angle), C<scale>
(ratio of spin-orbit interactions left and right) and C<energy> (Fermi
=item Plotting the results
You can plot a data series with the command
@@ -101,8 +104,6 @@ You can plot a data series with the command
where C<266> is the number of the dataset, and C<diff> is the data selector.
The following selectors are available:
=item uu
Transmission matrix element C<T_{spinup 2 <-- spinup 1}>
@@ -139,3 +140,25 @@ parameter and same values:
This file, the program code and the TeX code for my thesis are under version
control with I<git, the stupid content tracker>. See L<>
for more information on git.
+=head1 Source files
+The following C++ source files are of interest:
+=item spin.cpp
+Main program; contains all the things that are of interest to a physicist.
+=item math-utils.h
+Contains some auxiliary functions for converting between BLAS implementations
+and solving mathematical problems.
+=item Makefile
+Controls the how the program is built, and contains paths to the various
+components (Eigen, SuperLU)

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