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@@ -181,11 +181,38 @@ The size of the area to which the chart is plotted (the rest is taken up by
ticks, labels and in future probably captions). The behaviour is undefined if
C<< $.plot-width < $.width >> or C<< $.plot-height >>.
+Note that if you chose C<$.plot-width> or C<$.plot-height> too big in
+comparison to C<$.width> and C<$.height>, label texts and ticks might
+exceed the total size, and be either clipped to or drawn outside the canvas,
+depending on your SVG renderer.
+=head2 $.fill-width
+(Might be renamed to a more meaning name in future) For each bar in the bar
+chart a certain width is allocated, but only a ratio of C<$.fill-width> is
+actually filled with a bar. Set to value between 0 and 1 to get spaces between
+your bars, or to 1 if you don't want spaces.
+=head2 $.label-font-size
+Font size for the axis labels
+=head2 &.y-tick-step
+Closure which computes the step size in which ticks and labels on the y axis
+are drawn. It receives the maximal C<y> value as a single positional argument.
+=head2 $.max-x-labels
+Maximal number of plotted labels in C<x> direction. If you experience
+overlapping labels you might set this to a smaller value. The default is
+dependent on C<$.plot-width> and C<$.label-font-size>.
+=head2 $.label-spacing
+Distance between I<x> axis and labels. Also affects width of I<y> ticks and
+distance of labels and I<y> ticks.
Copyright (C) 2009 by Moritz Lenz and the SVG::Plot contributors (see file
-F<AUTHORS>), all rights reserved
+F<AUTHORS>), all rights reserved.
You may distribute, use and modify this module under the terms of the Artistic
License 2.0 as published by The Perl Foundation. See the F<LICENSE> file for
@@ -196,8 +223,6 @@ documentation can be used, modified and distributed freely without any
restrictions (think "public domain", except that by German law the author
can't place things into the public domain).
=end Pod
# vim: ft=perl6

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