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CPAN dependencies:

  • Web Server:
    • Mojolicious
    • IO::Socket
  • REPL Server:
    • POE
    • IO::Pty::HalfDuplex
    • Time::HiRes
    • Date::Format


First of all, go to the backend directory and try running:


If the program just sits there doing apparently nothing (and listening on port 11211), then it's working. If it spits out an error then you probably need a backend.conf file to tell it where your perl6 binary and are. This should be a single line of the form:

/path/to/perl6 /path/to/

All the other code in the backend uses relative file paths, so you'll likely want to start the backend from inside there in order for anything to work.

If the backend refuses to start and complains it's already running when it clearly isn't, delete the file.


The web server can be run standalone by going to the frontend directory and running:

perl daemon

This will run a basic web server on localhost:3000. For more details on configuring the web server please refer to the Mojolicious documentation. There's an example Apache config file in the doc directory.